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Merkel and Markle: How Gyno-centrism Can Kill a Civilization

Written by John (the other John).

With today’s woke progressive zeitgeist, we are taught that white men are bad, everyone else is good. White men (they say) are the biggest existential threat to humanity; and if women were in charge, society would be much better. Of course those who espouse this message do not say it out of altruism for their fellow human, but instead it is a mere power grab for themselves. So to analyze on how life would be like if women were the rulers, let us discuss this hypothetical by discussing two prominent high-profile modern women and their effect on Western Civilization.

First, we have German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been Chancellor for 15 years to date. Prior to 2015, her tenure was very effective in ruling Germany and being a leader within Europe. But since 2015 when she unilaterally violated the Dublin Regulation by opening the borders to every deadbeat con artist on the planet, millions of leaches were allowed into our nations and whom were offered a free buffet cart of government benefits and government lawyers at their disposal. With these millions of highly fertile un-integratable AfrArabistanis endangering our history, our culture, our religion, our economies, our safety, our Treasury, our families, our language, etc…, we are on pace of making ourselves extinct within decades. So in essence, 2,500 years of Western Civilization will be destroyed because of Angela Merkel’s treasonous lunacy.

Next we have Meghan Markle, who married Crazy Harry 21 months ago, who has since been converted from a fun-loving crazy guy to a dullard progressive woke SJW fool. Within those 21 months, her mere presence and big-mouth are tearing Britain apart, and also tearing apart the nearly 1,000 year old Monarchy apart. Two quick points on this: 1) the Royal Family does not involve itself publicly on political/social matters, and 2) the population tsunami of non-Brits into the UK resulted in millions of people having no care or concern for the Royal Family (for this problem pre-dated Markle). How these two points relate to Markle is that she has no filter between her “brain” and her mouth, thus she publicly expresses divisive views for which a Royal should keep to themselves. As for the second point, the non-Brit population has no concern of a Prince marrying an American divorcee alleged-actress. So after 21 months of Markle (and millions of British pounds having been spent on her [ex., her residence, travel, security, etc...; and having caused a brotherly rift between Bill and Harry]), she gives The Queen and the British public a big f.u., and she is moving to Canada with the Princes (Crazy Harry and fluid Archie), and she will monetize her Royal status in Hollywood and earn millions, while leaving the 1,000 year old Monarchy in disarray.

And there goes Western Civilization when gyno-centrism takes command. Over 2,500 years of Western Civilization is en route to being replaced by the Barbarian Invasion Part II.1

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1 Any American planning to vote for Elizabeth Warren?
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