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Merkel attacks AfD: "they want to destroy democracy"

BERLIN. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has accused the AfD of wanting to destroy democracy. "The AfD has a very clear agenda," said Merkel on Tuesday, according to dpa news agency, at a meeting of the Union faction in the Bundestag. "And this agenda is also a particular challenge for us, especially when it comes to the CDU, because it is very clear that democracy is to be destroyed," warned the Chancellor. The attempt to undermine democracy can be seen in every session of the Bundestag.

On the occasion of the election of the prime minister in Thuringia, Merkel underlined the decision to demarcate the Left Party and the AfD, with which no common cause would be dealt with. The demarcation from the Left Party and the AfD is "clearly the same, so to speak, but they are still differently positioned," explained the Chancellor.

After the election of Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) as Thuringian Prime Minister with the votes of the CDU, FDP and AfD, Merkel had demanded that the result be "reversed" and strongly condemned the process. A little later Kemmerich announced his resignation. The AfD has therefore announced that it will report Merkel for coercion.

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