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Open Season on the Women of Amsterdam

Femke Halsema is the mayor of Amsterdam. She represents the party GroenLinks, which used to be the Communist Party.

The following article concerns the safety of women in Amsterdam. Ordinary citizens in Amsterdam are well aware that the cultural enrichment of the city has negatively impacted the safety of women, but that fact is never talked about as a possible reason for the surge of crimes targeting women and girls. It simply can’t be discussed, not while the communists hold power in the city.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from De Telegraaf:

Mayor Halsema: Great concern for their safety.

Half of Amsterdam women are intimidated on the street
Amsterdam — The city leadership of Amsterdam is greatly concerned about the safety of girls and women in Amsterdam. According to Mayor [Femke] Halsema, girls and young women are being confronted with sexual intimidation or violence in increasing numbers. Therefore, she is announcing measures.
Research shows that 51% of women in Amsterdam have been confronted with street intimidation. For the ages 15 to 34, the percentage is 81%. Many reports come especially from the region around the Central Station, by the red-light district, around the Leidseplein [Square], Bijlmer, Jan Evertsenstraat [Street] and the Mercatorplein [Square]. Also online there is a large increase in sexual harassment and violence.

Halsema states that for a smaller group of girls and women the situation in Amsterdam is “really alarming and almost hopeless due to a negative spiral of abuse and violence, sometimes extended over several generations.” The most unsafe place for women is at home; many perpetrators are ex-partners or family members. In Amsterdam, for example, the number of registered violent incidents went up by 7 percent: from 6,183 in 2017 to 6,608 in 2018.

Greater readiness to report

The figures are a reason for Halsema to begin a campaign, the focus of which is victims of sexual intimidation and violence, on the street or online. One of the aims is to create a greater readiness to report, so that the police and the Public Prosecution Service can conduct investigations. A personal approach is also being launched for girls who have repeatedly been victims of sexual violence.

Halsema is also entering into talks with the hotel-restaurant and night club industry because personnel are likely to see the practices of pinching, intimidation and abuse. “Most do not count this as one of their responsibilities.”

Search for safe places

For victims, safe places to live and be sheltered have become the most sought after, even outside the city. Social workers are also encouraged to work differently. “Social workers and parents often have little control, and there also seems to be a professional inability whereby the problems are incompletely recognized or cases where people work past each other,” says the mayor. In addition, the existing area ban that the mayor is now putting on notorious nuisance offenders will also be put in place for people who annoyingly hang around near a shelter for vulnerable girls, or who are demonstrably sexually intrusive on the street.

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