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Safe Nations: Are There Any “Black” or “Brown” Nations Available For Refugees?

Written by John (the other John).

We are all told that refugees have the legal right to go to a “safe nation”, so we must analyze what nations qualify as “safe nations”. (This article will not discuss the validity of the argument of who are “refugees”; I will only discuss who are the “safe nations”).

When we study the map/globe, it appears that the only safe nations are in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (and perhaps Japan). Out of over 200 nations globally, these are the only nations designated by the establishment as “safe nations” 1. So what is the common variable that these nations have? And why are there no non-European nations on this list (other than maybe Japan)?2

Separately, most “refugees” come from non-European nations, and also from Spanish America (which is itself of European descent); these nations are commonly referred to as “black” and “brown” nations.3 Why is this the case?

You hear from the establishment that the cause of this is white-supremacy; but is that really the reason that made these nations safe? Is white supremacy the reason for “black” and “brown” nations being unsafe with high refugee numbers? After all, “white supremacy” is a bad thing to be avoided, whilst being “safe” is a good thing to be aspired to achieve. So is there a link between the two? I cannot imagine there is a link, because if there was a link, this would actually sound like an endorsement of white-supremacy due to it resulting in safe nations, whilst the lack of white-supremacy leads to perilous nations. This is untrue though!4 Similarly, we are indoctrinated to blindly and unconditionally believe that that “diversity is a strength”, thus the logical conclusion would be that diverse non-white nations should be safer than homogenous nations. We know that is untrue! So in essence, the data of what are the safe nation’s conflicts with the rhetoric of what type of nation we should aspire to be.

So what is the answer to this: freedom. Freedom is the foundation of how to build a desirable nation. With freedom, comes human rights, education, the search for the truth, logic and reason, respect for the law, and economic freedom (followed by economic prosperity). Do white nations have a monopoly on this? No. There are undesirable nations today that are “white” (ex., Russia, Belarus, etc…). And what links these undesirable white nations? The lack of freedom (just as it does for any other nation).5 And how do you destroy a free nation? The modern day mechanism is to replace the current population with people who do not value freedom, nor the truth, nor respect for the law, but who instead want to limit freedom with big government and with lawlessness.

So this is not a “black”, “brown”, or “white” issue; instead, it is about freedom (or the lack thereof) and respect of the law (or the lack thereof). Freedom alone will not solve the problem overnight, but it is the foundation to becoming a desirable nation, despite this being a decade’s long process. Don’t believe me? Look at the data. And which nations have these qualities? And which nations lack these qualities?

The motivation for this designation is subject to debate: whether this assertion is true, or whether the motivation is to effectuate a population-swap. This though is not the subject of this article.
Stating the obvious, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were found by Europeans (commonly referred to as “white” nations); more specifically, founded by the Brits.
The rationale of why the Western Hemisphere descendants of southwest Europe (Iberian Peninsula) are labeled “brown”, whilst the Western Hemisphere descendants of their next door neighbor nations (ex., France, Italy, Greece, etc…) are labeled as “white”, lacks any logical basis other than to divide people (divide and conquer). For example, Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi’s skin colour is much lighter than mine, but he is labeled as “brown” while I am labeled as “white”. Nevertheless, it’s all good.
After all, life was absolutely dreadful in Communist East Europe (white nations).
Compare these nations to former Soviet-bloc nations Poland, Czech, and Hungary that are free today; the latter nations are absolutely amazing with a tremendous quality of life.
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