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Switzerland Orders Immediate Halt To 5G Roll Out Over Serious ‘Health Concerns’

Switzerland was a world leader in the roll out of 5G mobile technology, however the European nation has ordered an immediate and indefinite halt to the roll out due to serious “health concerns.”

Swiss residents have been particularly vocal about their opposition to 5G technology, especially after being exposed to it.

Switzerland’s environment agency has now ordered an indefinite moratorium on the use of all new 5G towers.

Financial Times report:
Switzerland was among the first countries to begin deploying 5G, but health fears over radiation from the antennas that carry the next-generation mobile technology have sparked a nationwide revolt.
Switzerland, one of the world’s leaders in the rollout of 5G mobile technology, has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new network because of health concerns.
The move comes as countries elsewhere around Europe race to upgrade their networks to 5G standards amid a furious rearguard diplomatic campaign by the US to stop them using Chinese technology provided by Huawei. Washington says the company, which is fundamental to most European networks’ upgrade plans, presents a grave security risk.
Opposition to 5G technology continues to grow around the world.

The first Global 5G Opposition Day was held in January. Cities and countries have taken action against 5G – with many even completely banning it.

In December, hundreds of doctors, scientists, engineers, and public officials asked President Trump for a moratorium on 5G because of biological, environmental, and safety risks (see 12). Multiple 5G lawsuits have also been filed in the U.S.

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