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The real reason for the demonization of the AfD

By EUGEN PRINZ | The demonization of the AfD, which most recently culminated in Spiegel issue number 7, is not even justified, even with the most malevolent consideration, by its party program or by the statements of its members.

Therefore, the question arises as to why this increasingly escalating campaign against the AfD is being carried out and why one does not even rule a state just to avoid this party like leper.

 Quite simply: In contrast to the old parties, the AfD has exactly the right answers for all pressing problems in Germany that are easy for citizens to understand. This is what makes the alternative so dangerous for the other parties. Since it cannot be countered argumentatively, the only thing left to do is defame and fight them as Nazis with an immense logistical and propaganda contingent at all levels and in all areas, in order to build up almost insurmountable moral barriers for voters to give this party its vote.

 No remedy is too shabby here, no approach too questionable. The chain dogs of the terrorist Antifa are released from the leash and leftists from all over Germany are brought to rallies “against Räächz” - that is, against the AfD - if necessary. All with the aim of portraying the AfD as a reincarnation of the NSDAP, which can be combated by all means, including the illegal, or even combated.

 Woe if the pressure subsided

At the moment when the formerly conservative parties would no longer avoid the AfD like lepers, but would rather cooperate with it, the population would automatically be faced with a much lower moral barrier to an election decision in favor of this party. To be tolerated by the AfD as a minority government would be a signal, a coalition with it would even be a breach of the dam, which would wash a significant part of the vote in the direction of the AfD. Of course, at the expense of the old parties, with the possible exception of the Greens. But even from the non-voters' camp, some would feel motivated to vote.

At this point in the analysis, the AfD should be aware that no matter what it does or refrains from, says or does not say, thinks or does not think, the old parties will always defame it as a "Nazi party". There is no kind of good behavior that could cause this to stop!

 Get out with the hard bandages!

 PI-NEWS author KEWIL is absolutely right: The AfD has to fight back much more clearly. Campaign money has to be taken in hand, the hard bandages should now be unpacked. First of all, the AfD has to make one thing clear to the citizen: the old parties are only concerned with protecting their benefices from the new, unwelcome competitor. Since you have no arguments against his message, you know how to help yourself other than to disparage the messenger.

In addition to other possible measures, a wise tactic would be to piss the old parties more with sympathizers like Corinna Miazga, on whom the Nazi club bounces ineffectively. Such people belong - at least in the media - to the forefront of the AfD. Because they are the establishment's nightmare.

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