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What if Trump Wore Black-face

Written by John (the other John).

If Trump were to have worn black-face:

  • Anti-fact would violently riot at his inauguration
  • The entirety of the lame-stream media and academia would oppose Trump and label his
  • supporters as “racist”
  • College students would need quiet-space and therapy pets to deal with their mental illness
  • The deep-State actors in the FBI would concoct bogus crimes against Trump, and go after those around Trump for prosecution
  • The deep-State attorneys in the Department of Justice would prosecute and convict any person in sight connected to Trump
  • A Democrat Congress would do nothing but resist any legislation supporting Trump’s proposals
  • The Left’s foreign contacts would invent some dossier alleging some nefarious acts in a foreign hotel room (likely extrapolating that story from the Bill Clinton files)
  • A special Prosecutor would investigate Trump for fictitious crimes that occurred with an enemy nation (ex. Russia)
  • If that hoax were to fail, his enemies would concoct another crime involving another nation (ex. Ukraine)
  • The Left would invent misogynistic acts allegedly committed by Trump (such as finding some skank porn wannabee actress to allege an affair)
  • The Left would violently oppose any nominee for the US Supreme Court
  • Trump’s supporters would cringe at Trump wearing black-face and be concerned that Trump’s political career would end
  • Trump’s enemies would demonstrate public outrage over Trump wearing black-face
  • Then Trump’s supporters would question why the media forgave/overlooked Trudeau wearing black-face whilst the Left shows selective outrage over Trump
  • Thus Trump’s supporters to spite the Left would show even more support and love for Trump
  • This would anger the Left even further because Trump’s supporters love him no matter what Trump does
  • This would lead the Left to some form of demented rage because they cannot defeat Trump

That being said, Trump never wore black-face, but the Left did in fact do all of the above bs acts against Trump. So considering the rage the Left would have if he actually did wear black-face, then Trump might as well wear it just to trigger these deranged lunatics into throwing an unrestrained temper-tantrum. After all, what more could the Left do that they have not yet done?
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