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Women’s Bowel Movements: A Lesson in Cultural Enrichment

Written by John (the other John).

I regret this weekend that I was on a train when I overheard a conversation between two African dudes with some pale-skin h*nkey (who by the way he looked and dressed, he had the “I hate white people” persona about him). The two African men spoke in broken English and I heard one of them say that “a woman’s bowel movements are an aphrodisiac in some African villages; the darker and smellier the $h!t, the better the turn-on”. I was a tad stunned when I heard this, so much like a car wreck, I kept observing this conversation. Before they continued the conversation, the h*nkey was very intrigued about this cultural norm of theirs and wanted to hear more. At this moment, I thought to myself that perhaps that may be the norm in their own villages, but to civilized Westerners that is quite a turn-off.

So, now let us talk about what was most disturbing here. As bad as the discussion was amongst the African men, that is their culture and I am not one to interfere with what turns them on (to each his own). But what was most disturbing was that the h*nkey was so intrigued by this facet of their culture that he was ready to embrace it just so he can tell his other h*nkey colleagues that he embraces diversity. (But again, to each his own). So imagine if this h*nkey were to ever be in a position of authority (ex, Mayor, School Board, media, legislator, etc...), then not only would he have embraced this odd cultural norm for himself, but for the sake of compelled cultural enrichment upon others, he would have other people’s children succumb to this otherwise disgusting fetish as part of “diversity is our strength” mantra.

So despite the specific topic of this article, the overriding concern is the forced re-education to eliminate our own cultural norms to that of others’.
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