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AfD calls for coronavirus border checks following Poland and the Czech Republic’s lead

Poland and the Czech Republic, on Monday, March 10th, have started to spot-check vehicles with passengers coming from Germany for symptoms of the coronavirus. The temperature of travelers will be measured without invasive contact. 

The populist AfD has accused German Authorities of acting irresponsibly and ineffectively, unlike their neighboring nations. The Czech authorities have implemented vehicle checks at along their border with Germany, as has Poland, Germany regional newspaper Der Neue Tag reports.

Furthermore, emergency vehicles will be stationed at the Polish border to isolate potentially infected individuals as quickly as possible.

“We will take preventative measures to ensure that the growth of infected people is as slow as possible,” Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki said.

The news of Italy locking down its entire nation over the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the mounting death toll it’s caused further supports the demands by the AfD. Unfortunately, AfD lawmakers are the only adults in the German parliament.

The Alternative for Germany goes further, saying despite an hour-long discussion with Merkel’s left-wing globalist cabinet, there still have been no announcements made regarding the implementation of security measures at the border to stop the spread of infection.

“If Merkel’s Grand Coalition doesn’t come up with any ideas of their own they should at least follow the example of European neighbors. Controls at the border can spot infected and lead to timely isolation. This rules out that they can infect more people here.”

An entire firefighter crew of 21 already had to be quarantined because of two infected colleagues in Cologne.

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