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ISIS flags fly as ‘asylum seekers’ riot against quarantine in Germany

Migrants in Suhl, Thuringa, have started been rioting in a migrant centre, throwing bottles at police in protective gear, in response to the camp being sealed off to contain an outbreak of the coronavirus.

The illegal immigrant who tested positive for coronavirus is said to have entered Germany via Sweden. When a quarantine was ordered, banning them from leaving the premises, the asylum seekers started a frenzy, preventing people from entering the dining room in attempt to start a hunger strike and trying to escape to a nearby town, climbing fences and removing manhole covers, German broadcaster MDR reports.

The police were called to deal with the escalating situation and around 200 officers were deployed. Police spokesperson, Wolfgang Nicola said the migrants gathered at the front gates, threatening to burn the asylum centre down with ISIS flags on display. Police have also claimed the rioters were using children as “human shields.”

Around 20 troublemakers are said to have been removed. The ringleaders of the migrant rioters are said to have come from Georgia and North Africa. Water cannons and armoured vehicles have even been brought in.

Germany, along with France and Sweden, have previously experienced huge riots in asylum centres and refugee camps in recent years. This is the latest example of migrants possibly spreading the coronavirus as they are either unaware of the new rules in countries under “lock-down” or refusing to self-isolate.

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