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“Racism”: The Allegation of the Ignorant and the Instigators

Written by John (the other John).

After the recent attack in Germany by an alleged “racist white supremacist”, German media and Chancellor Merkel have been quick to condemn that attack as “poisonous far-right racist violence”. Naturally, all violence should be condemned; the key word being ALL violence should be condemned, along with those who lay the groundwork for the violence to occur. So let’s clarify what I mean.

Any white-dude who commits mass murder upon brown- people (Arabistanis) is “racist” (as are all white-people; guilty by skin-colour), whilst brown-people (Arabistanis) who commit mass murder upon white-people are somehow not “racist”, but instead suffer mental illness (and no other similar person can be blamed [under threat of allegation of “racism” against the accuser]). So why the double standard against white-people? Why are all white-people to blame, whilst not all brown-people are to blame? Why do not white-perpetrators get diagnosed by the media and government as mental-illness? (And who died and made the media as being God to make such diagnoses?).

Next, we need to discuss those who lay the groundwork for the commission of mass murder. But I will first give an analogy to our scenario. If a person mixes gasoline/petrol with fire, naturally there will be a large explosion that will cause harm to other people; in other words, gas/petrol do not mix with fire. Similarly, certain groups of people do not mix well together. (This is fact; just read the history books). So when you mix incompatible people together, and then violence occurs, do we blame the people directly involved (yes), but we must also blame those who mixed these people together (or the arsonist mixing the gas/petrol with the fire). But these instigators (arsonists) are not only not blamed, but they are labeled as SJW heroes for fighting racism (this is like saying that those who mix gas/petrol with fire are not “arsonists”, but instead are looking to compel gas/petrol and fire to befriend each other and mix peacefully together).

If anything, the majority of the blame lies with the instigators and the ignorant. The innocent stupidly believe that incompatible people can live together peacefully (like gas/petrol and fire mixing nicely); whilst the instigators knowing mix incompatible people together because they will profit and/or get pleasure from orchestrating violence (like an arsonists enjoys fire).
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