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WATCH: African woman ignores France’s lockdown to curb spread of virus; purposefully coughs in faces of police officers when detained

To stop the spread of the China virus, the French government has implemented a strict 15-day lockdown which prohibits its citizens from leaving their homes unless it’s for so-called ‘essential travel’ – travel to buy groceries, travel for work,  travel for ‘imperative family reasons, and travel for individual exercise or taking one’s pets for a walk.

Despite the policy which has been put in place for the common good of the French people, many anti-social types are simply ignoring it.

One video currently circulating throughout social media depicts an African woman in Château Rouge, in the 18th arrondissement, who becomes aggressive and belligerent after she’s approached by police for refusing to respect the mandatory lockdown.

When being detained, she can be seen hurling a torrent of abusive language at the police officers.

“Let me have the coronavirus! You will have it too!” the African woman shouts at the police as she purposefully and savagely coughs in their faces.
On Monday, when announcing the nationwide lockdown to fight the virus, French President Emmanuel Macron said,  “We are at war, a public health war.”
So far in France, the China virus has infected 11,000 people and has taken the lives of nearly 400 people.

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