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'We are at WAR': President Macron orders full lockdown in France telling everyone they MUST stay home (and be fined if they go out without filling in online form) - as he drafts in the military to take sick to hospital

President Emmanuel Macron tonight said 'we are at war' with coronavirus as he ordered a full lockdown in France and told the public to stay at home.

In a solemn live TV address on Monday evening, the head of state said that people would have to stay at home unless shopping for food or going to a pharmacy, heading for absolutely essential work, or exercising alone.
ransport patients to a field hospital which is being set up in the east of the country and today, in scenes reminiscent of China's lockdown, army trucks rolled through the streets of Paris. 
Macron also announced that the second round of local elections due to be held on March 22 would be postponed and hotels and other private businesses will meanwhile be requisitioned by the state in order to help treat sufferers of the lethal virus. 

  • In an address to the nation, Macron said the French had to 'severely restrict movements for the next 15 days'
  • Authorities will enforce the new restrictions, with so-far unspecified 'punishments' for those who break them
  • Hotels and private businesses will be requisitioned by the state in order to help sufferers of the lethal virus
  • After thousands crowded into parks in Paris yesterday the capital city appeared near-deserted this morning 
  • France has reported 5,437 infections and 400 people in intensive care. It has said 127 people have died
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?
 The country's Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, later clarified that anyone leaving the house in France 'for any reason' will have to download a form or risk a minimum £34.60 fine enforced by 100,000 police and gendarmes.
He said 'essential professions' who can still enjoy easy travel include medical and postal workers, but few others.
They will instead have to write 'going out to buy a baguette' or 'walking the dog' on an individual printed form every single time.
'We can always practice a physical activity or take our dog out, but everyone should do it sparingly, without meeting in a group,' Mr Castaner said.
'We can get some fresh air yes, but certainly not play a football match. A control system will be set up by 100,000 police and gendarmes,' he added.

Mr Castaner said the minimum fine would be €38 (£34.60) and that this would 'rapidly rise' to €130 (£118) if it remained unpaid.
The forms will be downloadable online from the website of the French Ministry of the Interior each night during a minimum lockdown of two weeks, starting at midday on Tuesday.
'It will be up to everyone to fill it out to specify the nature of their trip,' said Mr Castaner. 'Those who have business cards will be invited to present them.'
Mr Macron also announced that Borders with other European countries will also be closed, although French nationals will be allowed to 'return home'. The measures will start at 12 midday on Tuesday, and go on for 'at least two weeks', said Mr Macron.
Mr Macron said: 'Walking, meeting friends in the park or in the street will no longer be possible. It is a question of limiting as much as possible all contact beyond the home. All over French territory, in mainland France as well as overseas, only necessary journeys must remain necessary.'

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