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Americans Protest Progressives' Abuse of Coronavirus Emergency Powers

 Fundamental constitutional liberties at stake. Americans understand the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves as a result of the China coronavirus. But we will not allow ourselves to become infected with the disease of Chinese authoritarianism

We have been willing to radically alter our normal routines and obey strict social distancing guidelines to get past the worst of this pandemic. Indeed, the American people have made extraordinary sacrifices and endured economic hardships unprecedented in our lifetimes to slow the virus’s spread. But it’s one thing to temporarily disrupt the normal pattern of our day-to-day lives and the economy in order to ensure that our health system would not be overwhelmed by an unprecedented surge of critical cases of the coronavirus. It is quite another to continue keeping onerous restrictions in place based on flimsy what-ifs. The original mission of social distancing was to flatten the curve.

 As commentator and attorney Barak Lurie noted, however, “The mission seems to have changed. Now the mission seems to be that no one gets infected.” Even worse, some of these restrictions are overly burdensome and arbitrarily administered to advance progressive policy priorities. Liberty-loving Americans will not stand by for long as power-hungry governors try to dictate arbitrarily every aspect of our lives in violation of our fundamental constitutional rights. That is the reason for the protests cropping up in certain states. People are beginning to see how some governors are exploiting the coronavirus crisis and destroying our way of life in the process.

 The Left is weaponizing the coronavirus crisis with a narrative intended to demonize President Trump and his supporters. The New York Times recently ran an article with the headline “Trump Encourages Protest Against Governors Who Have Imposed Virus Restrictions.” It falsely charged President Trump with “egging on demonstrators and helping to stoke an angry fervor that in its anti-government rhetoric was eerily reminiscent of the birth of the Tea Party movement a decade ago.” It is the left that engages in mob violence, not the Tea Party movement ten years ago nor the demonstrators protesting unreasonable restrictions on their liberties today.

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