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Argentina bans all flights until September 1st - Is it due to COVID-19 or something else?

Written by Mr. Currywurst.

Argentina has banned all internal and international commercial flights until September 1 because of the coronavirus pandemic. At least this is what is being officially said. However, there are other economic circumstances behind this.

Argentina is experiencing a deep economic crisis. The Central Bank has given authorization to print banknotes without control. Although that could lead to inflation (which already exists at a rate of around 50% per year) for the moment there would not be much impact, since the Argentine economy is collapsed and faces an imminent default on its external debt.

It is believed that 50% of the population could be in poverty due to the recession and the crisis of the Chinese virus.

The government is desperate to prevent dollars being lost in external consumption, so the ban on flights in this pandemic context should not be surprising.

The country's authorities say airlines will only be able to sell tickets for flights that take off after the next four months.

Aviation industry groups said thousands of people could lose their jobs.

Argentina closed its borders to non-residents in March, imposing harsh restrictions and mandatory total quarantine. The new measure left thousands of people stranded in or out of the country.

Most countries have finished their repatriation flights, and there is a general uncertainty regarding future campaigns to help stranded travelers.

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