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Deaths at the U.S. Border ICE Detention Centers: America’s Shame

Written by John (the other John).

We often hear stories of the death of “migrants” at ICE detention centers at the US/Mexico border, and the narrative by the establishment (media, academia, politicians, ngo’s, etc…) tell us that these deaths are America’s shame (and of course “racist” and “climate-change deniers”; don’t ask how that latter link is formed). But interestingly when they spew this, they never expand on this story with more facts so to allow us to form our own conclusion. Basically (goes the narrative), they came here for asylum-status, then ICE agents illegally detained them, thus by doing so these lovely people are now 100% the responsibility of the US taxpayers, so if such a person dies then it is America’s shame. But are there more facts that may result in a different (i.e., truthful) conclusion? Let us look at the below facts.
We will examine two separate death rates: 1) the death rate of “migrants” in ICE detention centers, and 2) the death rate of Americans as a whole. Let us first look at the death rate of those in ICE detention (see: ). In essence, the below chart shows the following1:
Fiscal Year Deaths Death Rate (per 100,000 detentions) Detentions
2004 28 11.9 235,247
2005 21 8.8 237,667
2006 19 7.4 256,842
2007 12 3.9 311,169
2008 11 2.9 378,582
2009 14 3.7 383,524
2010 8 2.2 363,064
2011 10 2.3 429,247
2012 8 1.7 477,523
2013 9 2.0 440,557
2014 6 1.4 425,728
2015 7 2.3 307,342
2016 10 2.8 352,882
2017 12 3.7 323,591
2018 10 2.5 396,448
2019 8 1.6 510,854
Total 193 3.3 5,830,267

Some key facts from this chart include:
  • The number of deaths under Bush from 12-16 years ago were much higher than those under    Obama and Trump.
  • The death rate under Bush from 12-16 years ago were much higher than those under Obama and Trump
  • The number of deaths under Obama’s first three years were greater than those under Trump’s first three years.
  • The death rate in Obama’s first year and Trump’s first year were the same
  • The death rate in Obama’s second year was less than that of Trump’s second year.
  • The death rate in Obama’s third year was greater than that of Trump’s third year.

    So based on these statistics, deaths of “migrants” in detention under Trump are actually less than those under Bush and Obama in the first three years of their Presidencies. So then the question becomes, if the above establishment entities stated that these deaths under Trump are America’s shame, then what worse language would they have used under Obama and Bush who had more deaths? The answer: nothing. No such vicious anti-American criticism existed under Bush and Obama. So what changed? Did they become “woke” suddenly? Or is it just Trump-derangement syndrome? 
    Now let us examine another set of statistics: the death rate of Americans as a whole, and then compare those death rates to that of “migrants” in detention. The relevant website is: , for which the below chart shows:

    Chart and table of the U.S. death rate from 2017 to 2020 (estimated).
    Fiscal Year Death Rate (per 1,000 people) (per 100,000 people)
    2020 8.880 deaths 888 deaths
    2019 8.782 deaths 878 deaths
    2018 8.685 deaths 868 deaths
    2017 8.580 deaths 858 deaths

    So based on these charts, the death rate of “migrant” detainees average about 2.6 deaths per 100,000 people under Trump. Compare that to American citizens’ death rate which is about 868 deaths per 100,000 people (for which the establishment has no care for this figure). The discrepancy in this statistic regarding the death rate of uninvited foreigners relative to American citizens is downright shocking; I would go so far as to call it criminal. These uninvited people are evidently getting better healthcare paid for by American taxpayers than do American citizens (as evidenced by the death rates). Yet despite this unequal medical treatment in favor of the non-Americans, the Leftists continue to label this as America’s shame. 
    But I do have to admit, this is indeed is America’s shame. Shame on them for treating these parasites better than its own citizens; 2.6 deaths per 100,000 people to 868 deaths per 100,000 people. F’n disgraceful.

    1 Red symbolizes the Presidency of George Bush; blue symbolizes the Presidency of Barack Obama; green symbolizes the Presidency of Donald Trump.
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