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Germany could punish tailors for making masks

Like the rest of the world, masks are badly needed right now in Germany due to the coronavirus pandemic. Shockingly, kind-hearted German tailors who are helping to meet the country’s increased demand could soon find themselves in trouble

To give masks away or to sell them, they must be correctly labeled. The claim is: “The more the belief takes over that simple masks help to slow down the spread of the coronavirus the more companies or self-employed people switch to making cloth masks.”

A Munich law firm warns not to present the masks as face masks or respiratory protection because these are reserved for medical products, which were clinically tested and have a CE label, NTV reports.

So, the word “protection” has to go. If tailors fail to do this, it could result in not just a warning from the government but also in fines and criminal proceedings.

Suggested alternative terms for the masks are mouth covering, mouth and nose mask or makeshift mask.

Additionally, the Munich law firm says tailors who’re making this mask should mention somewhere in the product’s description that wearing it does not effectively protect the wearer from the Chinese Covid-19 virus.

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