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Germany: Parents of AfD lawmaker attacked again

Family members of an Alternative for Germany (AfD) lawmaker in Leipzig were the victims of an arson attack on Thursday that’s believed to have been carried out by left-wing extremists.

Shortly before midnight on Thursday, police and firefighters were alerted to a car fire outside a home in the Connewitz district of Leipzig. Upon arriving at the scene, they found a Mercedes B-Class engulfed in flames.
Despite firefighters promptly extinguishing the fire, the damage was done. The Mercedes B-Class had been completely burned out and the Mitsubishi Carisma parked in front of it was also badly damaged, German regional news portal TAG24 reports.

The Mercedes is said to have been belonged to the parents of Alternative for Germany (AfD) lawmaker and member of Der Flügel (The Wing), Siegbert Droese.

This is second time that extremists have set fire vehicles parked outside of Droes’s parents care. Last August, their family car was set ablaze in a similar attack that was found to be the work of left-wing extremists.

“There was a repeated attack on an AfD member’s vehicle. In Leipzig, the radicals have freedom of the fool,” Droese wrote on his Facebook page.

“Despite all the statements made by the police leadership and from the Leipzig city hall – everyday violence decided to declare war – nothing has improved at all in the situation in Leipzig so far,” the AfD Bundestag member added.

Thursday’s arson attack is hardly the first time left-wing extremists in Germany have set fire to AfD MP’s cars. Last month, enemies of AfD leader Tino Chrupalla set fire his car that was parked outside of his home in Görlitz, a town in eastern Germany not far from the Polish border.
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