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Germany: Tunisian man arrested after attacking people with machete and axe

A 27-year-old Tunisian national has been arrested in Augsburg, Germany after he attempted to hack a couple of passers-by with an ax and machete.

It was during the early hours of Tuesday morning when the crazed, fighting-age, Tunisian migrant began attacking random people in the city’s university district, German regional newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine reports.

According to police, the man attacked a bus carrying drivers to their morning shifts at around 3:50 am, smashing the windshield of the vehicle with an ax. Luckily, the 47-year-old driver was able to speed away before crazed lunatic was able to injure anyone.

Shortly thereafter, at around 4:00 am, the Tunisian man stopped another driver, smashed the front and side windows of the vehicle, and threatened a woman inside.

 t was at this point when a 28-year-old man who saw the attack take place attempted to intervene and help the woman. A struggle ensued and the Tunisian migrant managed to strike the man in the head with the machete. Miraculously, despite all of this, the 28-year-old man still managed to subdue the attacker until police arrived at the scene to make an arrest.

The 28-year-old helper was then transported to the hospitals where his injuries were treated, while the migrant attacker was later transported to a psychiatric hospital.

Police are currently still trying to find a motive for the attacks, although it is believed that the Tunisian suffers from mental health issues and carried out the attacks “in a state of incapacity or, at least, reduced capacity”.

A judge has ordered the Tunisian man to be held in the psychiatric facility until he court date where he will most likely face charges of suspicion of attempted manslaughter, dangerous bodily harm, and property damage.

Attacks with machetes and axes have become all too common in Germany.

In March, Voice of Europe reported on a 33-year-old German who had half of his face cut off by a fighting-aged Iraqi migrant after the migrant attacked him with an ax on the streets of Munich.
 Last August, a 36-year-old man who was hacked to death in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, by a Syrian migrant wielding a sword in Stuttgart, Germany, Voice of Europe reported.
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