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May 1 in Germany: Left-wing extremists want to “attack existing conditions”

LEIPZIG. In several cities, left-wing extremist groups have called for rallies on May 1st, despite the applicable corona measures. "This year, too, we call for May 1st to be a day of struggle against capitalism, against nationalism, against patriarchy and against every other form of rule and exploitation," wrote anarchists from Leipzig on the radical left-wing scene portal "Indymedia".

In the appeal, the authors accuse the federal government, among others, of using harvest workers "under forced labor conditions" in agriculture. In addition, asylum seekers in their accommodation would be quarantined and forcibly prevented from leaving. The left-wing extremists in Leipzig and other cities are calling for “decentralized actions” to deal with conflicts publicly and to attack “the existing situation”.

Leipzig is considered the stronghold of the extreme left in Germany. Again and again there have been serious crimes in the past. Last January left-wing extremists rioted during demonstrations of New Year's Eve in the Saxon city, overshadowed by riots in the Connewitz district.

Left-wing extremists defend clans
Antifa groups are also mobilizing their supporters in other German cities with their focus on May 1st. According to a call for Hamburg, "the ruling class" is to be attacked, who is given responsibility for those infected and dead by the corona virus.

In a call for “Autonomous May 1” in Wuppertal, against the background of the Corona crisis, a “particularly resistant” day of work is called. Actions on this date should also target the Wuppertal police. Through their raids against clan crime, the "criminalization of entire groups" became commonplace.

Left-wing radicals in Berlin had previously called for "decentralized actions against capitalism, racism and patriarchy". The calls for protests, as a result of which there were repeated attacks on police officers and cars in the past, were also justified with the preservation of occupied houses.

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