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“Mission Lifeline” wants to bring immigrants to Germany by plane

DRESDEN. The refugee organization "Mission Lifeline" has collected enough money to fly several dozen migrants from Greece to Germany. The association had collected around 55,000 euros within a few days, a spokesman for the news agency dpa said. This would finance two flights of a Boeing 747-300 and bring around 150 people from the Greek camps.

In total, "Mission Lifeline" would now be available for the construction of a civil airlift between Lesbos and Berlin. The association has already successfully negotiated with a Greek flight service provider. All that was missing was the permission to land from the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Without this, the organization is guilty of infiltrating foreigners.

Federal Ministry of the Interior warns of "arbitrary action"
"Mission Lifeline" is also in the process of persuading other EU countries to immediately accept migrants from Greece. "The outbreak of COVID-19 in the camps would result in countless deaths," the organization explains the move.

At the request of the dpa, the Federal Ministry of the Interior said that it advised against "raising unrealistic expectations of asylum seekers in the already tense situation on the Greek islands with an arbitrary approach". The examination of an asylum application is a purely governmental task.

Male adolescents instead of girls
Most recently, the admission of almost 50 mostly male adolescents from the Greek camps in Germany caused discussions. The federal government announced in March that it would primarily bring unaccompanied or sick children and, above all, girls to Germany. However, only four girls landed last Saturday .

The Greens in particular have been calling for a swift redistribution of immigrants from the Greek islands to other EU countries for months. Berlin's Senator for Justice Dirk Behrendt (Greens) made the suggestion that asylum seekers could be accommodated in hotels , as they were mostly vacant due to the Corona crisis. It was also said that the state of Berlin wanted to send its own plane to Greece.

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