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Protests and arson: German Green Senator takes action against refugees

BREMEN. Bremen's social senator Anja Stahmann (Greens) is taking action against rioting asylum seekers in the state initial reception facility in Vegesack. As reported by Kreiszeitung on Sunday, its department has filed criminal charges against unknown persons after several arson attacks occurred at the property.

Stahmann suspects the perpetrators to be among a group of immigrants who repeatedly protested against being placed in Vegesack. "With all understanding for the protest of a group of residents against the accommodation in Vegesack, here the limit of the legitimate protest is clearly exceeded," said Stahmann. "The arson was apparently deliberately timed and spatially adjusted so that the security forces had just left the area during their regular tours."

The Greens politician warned: "Here the life and limb of a large number of people are at stake immediately." The suspected perpetrators asked her to stop immediately.

350 of 750 seats occupied
The initial reception facility is designed for a maximum of 750 people. After several covid-19 cases had occurred there, as in other asylum centers , dozens of immigrants had successfully protested for accommodation in another building . Around 100 migrants have been living in a youth hostel since the beginning of the month. There are still 350 people in the initial reception facility. However, according to the Kreiszeitung the number is expected to drop to 250.

Stahmann warned that the asylum seekers in Vegesack could hardly be made to leave the building in the event of a fire. There have been false alarms for a long time that were triggered by manual call points. Now she wants to provide more security with additional staff. She also hopes that the police will soon be able to investigate.

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