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Taiwan Hits Back at WHO Chief: Demands Apology over Coronavirus ‘Slander’

Taiwan demanded an apology Thursday from the World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus after he accused it of orchestrating personal racist attacks against him.

Tedros singled out the island democracy for special mention as he used a press briefing to call for the world to rally as one in the fight against the deadly spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

He spoke after U.S. President Donald Trump criticised the global health body and threatened to cut its funding, as Breitbart News reported

During the press conference Tedros addressed the alleged abuse — including racial slurs — he claimed he had been subjected to since the public health crisis began.

Tedros largely avoided mentioning Trump by name but he did single out the government in self-governing Taipei, which has been largely ignored by WHO as directed by Beijing.

“Three months ago, this attack came from Taiwan,” he told reporters in Geneva, without offering any direct evidence.

“They didn’t disassociate themselves. They even started criticising me in the middle of all that insult and slur, but I didn’t care,” Tedros said.

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