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Western Balkans: Almost 200,000 people want to enter Germany

BERLIN. Around 190,000 people from the Western Balkans have applied for visas to enter Germany. For example, the number of applications has more than tripled since 2015 to almost 65,000 in 2019, the Foreign Office (AA) said in a response to a request from the Left Party, according to Neue Osnabrücker Zeit.

In total there are 192,263 visa registrations in the German diplomatic missions in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The institutions can hardly keep up with the processing of the applications. For example, visa dates for applicants from November 2017 would still be issued. 78,000 people wanted to come to Germany from Kosovo alone.

A third of the immigrants are Gypsies
Many residents of the states intended to enter with a work visa. In addition, many are also concerned with family reunification in the Federal Republic. During the asylum crisis in 2015, many migrants traveled to Central Europe via the Western Balkans.

In the past, a third of the migrants from the Western Balkans were Gypsies. Experience with the immigrant gypsies had shown that they could rarely find work.

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