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Justin Trudeau is destroying Canada from the inside out

March 26, 2020 (American Thinker) — To adapt a phrase from Matt Margolis, Justin Trudeau is the worst prime minister in Canadian history. Like his American counterpart Barack Obama, he is both a know-nothing and a do-nothing leader and an unmitigated disaster to the well-being of his country.

 For example, Trudeau's unconscionably late and incomplete response to the COVID-19 pandemic — the "19" tells us it has been known for quite some time — much like Obama's delayed response to the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, and his determination to keep an illegal border crossing open, is only the latest of his ill-gotten political escapades.

Indeed, like the Obama of 57 states and the Austrian language, Justin Trudeau is a full blown ignoramus masking as an intellectual prodigy. Former National Post and Walrus editor Jonathan Kay, who acted as an "editorial assistant" for Trudeau's memoir Common Ground, swooned over his book-lined shelves. "Trudeau probably reads more than any other politician I know," Kay fawned, even if his "boyish, eager-to-please personality leads him to project publicly in a way that can seem intellectually unsophisticated." Trudeau is indeed intellectually unsophisticated — not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is something wrong with pretending to know more than one does.

He likes to present himself as erudite. Anyone who refers to mankind as "peoplekind," confuses Japan with China on more than one occasion, believes that terrorism "happen[s] because someone feels excluded," or proudly states regarding the review of an arms deal with Saudi Arabia that "we take ... the breaking of contracts very seriously in this country" cannot be considered an intellectual giant. In 2016, he attempted to demonstrate his putatively brilliant insight into quantum field theory. Instead, he revealed himself a shallow dilettante at play, as if little more than an ethereal quantum fluctuation himself, whose antics could fool only an equally ignorant media and frivolous electorate. Trudeau studied environmental geography at McGill University and engineering at the Université de Montréal, but few people know that he failed to complete degrees in either faculty.

His major accomplishments prior to being elected to the highest office in the land were instructing snowboarding, practicing yoga, and substitute teaching high school drama classes. His pre-political achievements, impressive as they are — I neglected to mention whitewater rafting and blackface partying — have little to do with the savvy needed to govern a G8 nation.

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