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Germany: attacker of Turkish shops was IS supporter

WAILDKRAIBURG. After several attacks on businesses of Turkish origin in Bavarian Waldkraiburg, a 25-year-old confessed on Saturday. During a random inspection on Friday due to a missing ticket, police officers found several pipe bombs, according to Bayerischem Rundfunk. The son of Turkish parents, who himself is a German citizen, said in his interrogation that he was a supporter and fighter of IS.

He said his motive was "hatred of the Turks", but denied a connection with the Kurdish conflict, said the chief prosecutor, Georg Freutsmiedl. Apart from a few violations of the Narcotics Act, he had not previous police records. On Saturday, the 25-year-old confessed all four attacks in Waldkraiburg, including the latest arson attack on a grocery store on April 27. At a kebab snack bar, a pizzeria and a hairdressing salon, slices were thrown in and a stinking liquid was distributed.

When the suspect's apartment in Waldkraiburg was searched, the police found further pipe bombs, black powder, phosphorus and other various substances, as well as a weapon with ammunition. He is said to have made the bombs himself. According to his own statements, the man had planned further attacks. He is now in custody and has to answer for 27 attempted murders, serious arson and dangerous bodily harm, and damage to property in three cases.

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