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German borders are to be open again by mid-June

BERLIN. According to a media report, Germany wants to gradually reopen its borders, closed due to the corona crisis. According to the Bild newspaper, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) spoke to France's President Emmanuel Macron and Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVO) about the border issue. Accordingly, the border controls should be replaced promptly by random checks. From June 15, the controls could then cease altogether.

Merkel had expressed her hope that normal border traffic between Germany and France could start again in June.

This plan is in line with the EU's plan to allow countries with similar numbers of infections to reopen their borders. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the number of cases does not skyrocket again. In the past week Austria had pleaded for a quick return to open borders due to the lack of income from the tourism business.

The goal is to interrupt the chain of infection
Similar demands also come from the ranks of the CDU. Twelve MPs from the Bundestag and European Parliament also called for an end to border controls last week.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) recently ordered that controls at the German external borders be extended until mid-May because of the Corona crisis. The same applies to flights from Spain and Italy. The aim is to further reduce the risk of infection from the coronavirus and to interrupt infection chains.

Crossing the border is only possible with good reason
Since March 20, border crossing is only allowed at certain transition points and only under certain conditions (permanent place of residence, job) or for a valid reason (medical treatment, entry to the spouse). Cross-border traffic of goods is not affected. The controls had already been extended for three weeks in mid-April .

The measures have not only significantly reduced the number of asylum seekers, but have also prevented illegal migrants. Even in the case of earlier temporary border controls, such as the G7 Gifpel, the Federal Police picked up thousands of people to be searched and rejected numerous migrants who were not authorized to enter the border. The AfD therefore calls for border controls to be maintained after the end of the corona crisis.

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