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Germany investigates lawsuit against China over coronavirus pandemic

The scientific service of the Bundestag (WD) has determined that "even virological disinformation" by a state can possibly justify a human rights violation. "It had dealt with the question of whether" China could be sued for the COVID 19 pandemic ".

The WD concludes: "Legally promising to deal with the international legal obligations of states in the pandemic." In doing so, they look at the further development of international law, since in the past it has repeatedly happened that authoritarian states have tried to disguise the break out of contagious diseases.

"The specific modalities, such as the place of jurisdiction, the amount of damage, or the enforcement of the judgment are questionable," says Roland Hartwig, who sits for the AfD on the Federal Government's Foreign Affairs Committee. It can hardly be proven that a faster reaction would have mitigated the consequences in Germany or elsewhere. "The federal government had several weeks in advance, but the virus also hit us hard."

Dossier sees Corona origin in Chinese laboratory
The Australian government had requested an independent investigation into the coronavirus outbreak in China. "But the People's Republic will hardly bow to that," believes Hartwig. He sees no legal basis for this. Rather, the background to the dispute is the trade conflict between China and the United States. "This is an attempt to build political pressure," said Hartwig.

A secret service dossier of the so-called "Five Eyes" (association of the secret services of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) spoke of a possible origin in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. According to the dossier, there have been indications since early December that the virus is spreading from person to person. In addition, China is accused of having destroyed virus samples and strictly controlling publications by scientists about the virus. However, the Chinese embassy and the WHO contradict this and state the market of the Chinese city as the source of the virus.

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