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Hating Trump

 Written by John (the other John).

Ever since Trump announced his candidacy for President in 2015, his message was one
of promoting American patriotism (which is labeled as “white supremacy” by the Left). This
concept horrified the Left, whose message has historically been to promote everything that is
“anti-white” (which results in hating America). But once Trump won the Presidency, he went on
to implement policies that were patriotic (as I said above, labeled as “white supremacy” by the
Left). So in hating Trump, the Left had to embrace some unsavory characters in the effort to
gain an electoral advantage over Trump, such as:

 Islamic terrorists (to include the murderers, hate-preaching Imams, and even apologizing
to Iran when Trump ordered to neutralize the Iranian General Salami-man)

  • American convicts
  • Central American street gangs
  • Mexican cartels (both drug smugglers and human smugglers)
  • A billionaire National Socialist collaborator
  • Perverts (and I mean real deviants, not just the Clinton-types)
  • Chinese blood money (which includes opposing Hong Kong human rights)
  • Anti-American corporations
  • Atheists
  • A lying press
  • Race-baiters
  • Blood-sucking parasitic lazy mother f’rs who generationally live from cradle to coffin on government benefits (but hey, they get off of their lazy @$$e$ and do vote)
  • A rapist Democrat running for President
  • Etc…

Pretty much every low-life POS (piece of $h!t) in society (and if they missed any POS, the Left
will find them and embrace them). So just looking at this list of people who the Democrats
embrace/tolerate for the sake of power, no wonder that an outsider like Trump was elected
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