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Opinion: Taqiyya and the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood in France

The Muslim Brotherhood is working diligently to influence political decision making in France by affecting Muslim communities and elected officials in municipal councils.

The Danger of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood are the purveyors of a totalitarian and oppressive ideology which seeks to unite Muslim society under its umbrella. The organization seeks not only to Islamize France, but it would also like to seize power within the Muslim community, and by extension, be able to wield some influence over French politics.
The brotherhood gains its legitimacy in the eyes of authorities because of its ability to act as spokesman for Muslims in France. Since it’s viewed as legitimate by authorities, it’s often able to indirectly influence decisions made by the authorities.

The Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous to France because it attacks core democratic principles like secularism, equality before men and women, and the rights of sexual and religious minorities. The ideology espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood also works to create stark divisions within societies by encouraging hatred for the other.

Political influence

The Muslim Brotherhood often pressures local French officials who oppose the brotherhood by calling them racists and/or Islamophobes. Furthermore, through its figures in media and academia, the brotherhood exerts a kind of soft influence on power.

The Muslim Brotherhood Supports the (Burkini) swimsuit that is encouraged by both traditional Salafists. The brotherhood encourages women to wear this costume because it’s a part of a wider proselytizing strategy which seeks to make Islam visible everywhere.

External influence

Qatar, through its funding of the brotherhood, represent one of the three Middle Eastern countries which uses “soft religious power” to exert power and influence in the West. The other two countries which regularly use this kind of power are Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
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