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Report warns China faces global backlash over virus; City with 0 new virus cases declared emergency

More countries are suing the Chinese regime over the pandemic.

 Many wonder about the people inside China. We spoke with a lawyer in Wuhan to find out about the situation on the ground. A “State of Emergency” declared in a city in northern China. But the provincial CDC states there are zero new virus cases or asymptomatic cases. An internal Chinese report warns Beijing could face a rising wave of hostility over the virus outbreak not seen since the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. 

Taiwan's successful virus response sets an example for the world. But the Chinese regime is constantly trying to marginalize Taiwan. Today we look at how the Chinese regime seeks to influence local politicians to suppress Taiwan and expand its clout, and why it matters. World leaders seeking to raise $8B from nations and public figures in an effort to develop a vaccine and other treatment methods. #coronavirus #China #Wuhan

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