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Swedish academic argues virus will end the EU, globalism, and mass migration

In a recent video by SwebbTV, Swedish engineer, doctor of technology, business leader, and writer Lars Bern talks about the coronavirus and its impact on the world.

He explains that the main problem is not that SARS-CoV-2 is deadlier than other viruses, but that it’s new and incredibly contagious.
When the virus began spreading no one was immune to it, and as a result many became infected. However, for Bern, the mortality rate of COVID-19 is not any higher than that which is seen in the normal flu. Thus, the main purpose of the lockdowns and social distancing measures is to prevent hospitals from being overrun with patients. 

Bern believes that the higher incidence of metabolic syndrome a county has the higher its death rate will be. 
 However, Bern does not believe that a vaccine will help much, partly because it will take years to produce one, and partly because the virus will have most likely mutated before it’s released on the market. According to Bern, treating COVID-19 patients with malaria and Ebola medicine along with large doses of vitamins and minerals is more effective.
Bill Gates’ “wet dream” to vaccinate every person on the planet and issue digital vaccine certificates will not come true, Bern argues. 
The so-called medical experts aren’t really experts, he says. SARS-CoV-2 is a new strain of virus and the truth is that no one knows the best way to deal with it. We can only look at what treatment methods have been effective and go from there. According to Bern, medical doctors who argue against the use of alternative medicine to treat and prevent the virus typically know very little about the methods in question and/or the vitamins and minerals used. 
Bern argues that the same can be said for the economic experts who are interviewed daily. None of them know what will happen, they can only speculate.
He then goes on to talk about globalism, which in his opinion will end in its current form as a result of the virus. Bern argues that nationalism will replace globalism and that borders will remain closed, mass migration will stop, and countries will begin to put the needs of their own citizens first.
We’re already seeing this in Europe. The EU has handled the crisis badly by any standard. Bern says that the EU most likely will collapse as a result of its failing to help member states during the crisis. That would be a  positive development, he says, adding European states should keep trading freely but ditch the rest of what the EU stands for. 
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