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Swedish doctor: Elderly suffering from Wuhan virus being refused oxygen (VIDEO)

A Swedish doctor has embarked on a crusade to show that his country’s authorities are deliberately denying elderly patients oxygen treatments that could save their lives if they are suffering from Wuhan virus (COVID-19) infection.

Dr Jon Tallinger, who goes by the name “Whistleblower MD” on social media, is a General Practitioner at a clinic in Tranås, in the province of Småland in southern Sweden. He cares for approximately 2,000 patients. Yesterday he appeared on the Angry Foreigner YouTube channel to talk about his discoveries because no mainstream Swedish news source has been willing to carry his story.

Tallinger says that the authorities in his county sent a video to medical staff in nursing homes on how to deal with Wuhan virus patients. In the video, doctors are instructed not to send infected elderly patients suffering from respiratory problems to hospitals, and to treat them only with morphine for anxiety. Oxygen treatment is never mentioned, despite the fact that suffocation is the most common way for patients to die from the infection. Tallinger says that this means that, under these instructions, many elderly patients will suffocate to death. He says this is a clear indication that the authorities are denying care to the elderly that might save their lives.

Since Tallinger first came forward with information about these orders on his Facebook page, documents have been leaked from other counties in Sweden which clearly state that oxygen should not be administered to elderly patients suffering from respiratory problems resulting from the virus.

Tallinger also indicates that it isn’t only the elderly who are threatened by this order, but many types of patients with chronic disorders, such as Down’s Syndrome sufferers, who are also particularly vulnerable to oxygen deprivation.

In the video, Tallinger states that this order is a clear “human rights violation,” and that it “should be treated as a crime and prosecuted.”

Tallinger estimates that approximately two-thirds of virus patients in nursing homes could be saved with oxygen treatment. Without it, he says upwards of 15,000 patients may die unnecessarily. If a strong effort to administer oxygen to patients is initiated, Tallinger says, “we won’t save everyone, but we did all we could.”

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