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Tucker Carlson: Leaders should be thrilled about ending coronavirus lockdowns. But they only care about power

Starting late April, the state allowed hair salons, bowling alleys, barbershops and gyms to reopen. Three days later, restaurants and theaters followed. Hospitals once again were allowed to perform all needed surgeries. They could stop pretending that coronavirus was the only medical problem that patients faced. It is not.

There nothing especially radical about what Georgia did, but you wouldn't know that if you were watching television that week. The decision was described there as the most reckless, public health decision since 9 out of 10 family doctors endorsed Camel cigarettes.

Untold millions would die because Georgia was reopening. The state of Georgia would be flattened by a tidal wave of corpses. It was that dangerous.

Even Stacy Abrams took a break from campaigning for vice president to offer an assessment.

Stacy Abrams, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate: We honestly don't understand the mayors of our largest cities who have all expressed deep concern, that of our scientists
This makes no sense and it doesn't improve our economy, it simply puts more Georgians at risk.
Yes, she seems to know what she is talking about. You should know, though, that Stacey Abrams is delusional. At one point, she announced that she was the governor of Georgia, which, from a mental health standpoint, is one step from claiming you're Napoleon.

Now, Abrams imagines she is a public health expert. It's best to humor her on that. Just nod and look interested.

Chris Hayes is not a scientist, either. He is MSNBC's most ardent male feminist. But he still has strong views on epidemiology

Hayes was so upset by the idea that people in Georgia might go outside without permission that he suddenly found himself arguing that everybody must obey the Trump administration.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC host: If that sounds insane to you, you are not alone. And for the record, Georgia does not meet the White House guidelines. It does not a 14-day trajectory of declining cases. It has tested less than 90,000 people out of a population of more than 10 million. Mayors in Georgia are describing the Governor's decision as reckless, dangerous, and illogical.

Oh, the voice of overpriced Brooklyn. "We must do what the White House tells us!" he screams on MSNBC. That is how dangerous it was. Mark this day, wrote one longtime Washington reporter, because two and three weeks from now, the Georgia death toll is blood on Gov. Brian Kemp's hands.

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