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Victims or A$$ho!e$, or a Mixture of Both: A Case Study On Racial Politics

Written by John (the other John).

Ever since the Chinese-virus hit the globe, nations everywhere have been enforcing social-distancing measures in an effort to keep people safe. Most people globally have been complying with those requirements. For those who do not comply, then the police may give them a warning; and if the person does not comply, then they can get a summons; and if the person still refuses to cooperate, the person could be arrested. This is pretty straight forward. Right? Wrong!

In NYC, a small number of people have not complied, so they either received a summons or have been arrested. But if 90% of those arrested are black or brown (or POC [person of colour]), the conclusion always is that the police are “racist”. (See: ).1 (To clarify, “black or brown” is code word for African or Hispanic). There can be no other conclusion. But is this reality? Let us ask this question: how many people in NYC arrested for not complying with social-distancing were Asian-Indian? 

They are dark-skinned, so certainly they were discriminated against by the cops and thus arrested. Right? No!! Zero of the people arrested were Asian-Indian. But how can that be, after all, racist cops only arrest dark-skinned people. Right?

So is it possible the cops are not “racist”? Is it possible they are doing their job correctly? Is it possible that those arrested for not social-distancing had ignored both the warning and the summons? Is it possible that those arrested were just plain “@$$hole$? If I was a betting person, I would wager that they were @$$hole$, and that suing cops in NYC where lunatic juries hate cops, this results in this mathematical formula:

(Being a POC + being an @sshole to cops) + progressive jurisdiction = $$$$$$$
Who needs a job; being an a$$hole is a recession-proof way to make millions.
And what is the effect of this? Besides the obvious of depleting our treasuries with bad behaviour, but it also creates a 2-tiered system in which certain groups of people are exempt from the laws. Am I being paranoid? Remind me:
  • Did the police enforce social distancing measures for Christians during Easter? Yes.
  • Did the police enforce social distancing measures for Muslims during Ramadan? No.
You can draw your own conclusions here.

1. In a city of nearly 9 million people, the number of people arrested is very miniscule, and not representative of the vast majority of people who are concerned for the Chinese-virus.
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