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Delingpole: Reuters Smears ‘Anti-Greta’ Naomi with Fake News Fact Check

Naomi Seibt — the young German activist known as the “anti-Greta” for her brave and forthright climate-sceptical views — has become the latest victim of the media/tech establishment’s war on conservative voices.

Reuters has attempted to shred her credibility with the cunning ruse of a fake fact check.
A widely shared post on social media makes the claim that 19-year-old German climate change sceptic Naomi Seibt has been fined and banned from social media for expressing disagreement with climate activist Greta Thunberg, known for organising youth climate strikes ‘Fridays for Future’. This claim contains some inaccurate information. 

 Ostensibly the news agency is merely correcting misinformation — a bit like Twitter did recently when it “fact-checked” some of President Trump’s tweets.

In reality, though, this is a barely disguised hit-job by Reuters, whose real purpose is to repeat all manner of green propaganda smears about the 19-year old German student while wearing the mask of objective journalism.

Paul Homewood has conducted an excellent analysis of Reuters ugly and vindictive assault on Seibt here.
As he notes, the “widely shared post on social media” cited by Reuters was nothing of the kind. It was a post on Facebook shared by hardly anyone (just 680 shares). What possible interest could so marginal a post have for a major news organisation? None whatsoever — except, of course, as a pretext for a fake news fact check.

So, in the guise of correcting misinformation, what Reuters has done is to spread that misinformation. It’s a cynical deployment of the Streisand Effect: by denying an untruth — or at least something you would rather keep hidden — you end up broadcasting it to a wider audience than ever before.
Here’s a taste of Reuters’ insinuating hit piece:

 n February 2020, Seibt joined the Heartland Institute — a right-wing American think-tank — to work on “communicating the climate realism message to her generation – which has marinated in apocalyptic nonsense their whole lives – for audiences in Europe and the United States,” according to a press release (here).
In late February, some outlets reported that Seibt “has previously described a white nationalist who appeared to promote ‘white genocide’ theories as one of her ‘inspirations’” (herehere). 
Seibt has also spoken at events run by Germany’s far-right AfD (Alternative for Germany) party, although she has denied formally being in the party, according to the Independent (here).
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