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Denmark: BLM activists demand white ‘allies’ to stand in the back

Thousands of Black Lives Matter activists defied social distancing measures over the weekend and gathered in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen to demonstrate against the myth of systemic racism.

Organizers of Sunday’s demonstration which attracted about 15,000 participants told white activists that they should remain in the background and not speak to the media.

Bwayla Sörensen, one of the main organizers of the demonstration, is no stranger to controversy, however. Last November, Sörensen garnered attention after she called a populist Danish politician a “stinking pile of garbage”, Den Korte Avis reports.

Sörensen’s disdain for Europeans and desire to dominate them was on full display during Sunday’s demonstration. She reportedly used the occasion to shout instructions to white people, telling them where and where not to stand.

“White people, move, move. Stand yourself there,” she shouted.

Despite facing criticism for her bigoted attitude at the event, Sörensen stood by her behaviour and comments. When asked by the Danish news site 180grader whether its contradictory and hypocritical to say white people should stand in the back at a supposedly anti-racist demonstration, Bwayla simply replied: “No, this is fine.”

An interview of Bwayla Sörensen speaking about Black Lives Matter can be seen here.

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