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Greece: 5 minors arrested with Molotov cocktails may have been recruited by Antifa

Five minors believed by Greek investigators to have been recruited by Antifa were arrested with Molotov cocktails last week. The group admitted that they had planned to attack police officers.

The five minors, whose backpacks were stuffed with bottles of gasoline, were arrested on Friday night in Thiseio, a neighborhood in central Athens. Police say the group told investigators that they were headed to Exarcheia, another neighborhood in central Athens, to carry out an attack against police officers in the area, the Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports.
According to the paper, just two of the minors actually knew each other before they all met for the first time on Friday evening after planning the rendezvous on the internet.

Police are now considering the possibility that the young kids may have been recruited by veteran “anti-authoritarian” Antifa members. Authorities suspect that young kids were recruited by Antifa since they’re not yet known to police, which would allow them to more easily deploy Molotov cocktails without arousing too much suspicion.

The arrests of the kids, whose ages haven’t been revealed, comes just days after Black Lives Matter and far-left activists torched an American flag in front of the US Embassy in the Greek city Thessaloniki, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

In a separate incident which also occurred last week, far-left activists hurled Molotov cocktails toward the US Embassy in Athens to ‘protest’ the death of George Floyd.

Voice Of Europe
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