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Justice for Aracely Henriquez; Better Late Than Never

Written by John (the other John).

In August 2007 in Texas, a thug pretended to being a Water Department employee when he broke into the home of Aracely Henriquez with the intent of burglarizing her home. Once inside, five more thugs joined the initial thug in their crime spree. The initial thug pointed a gun at her stomach and threatened to kill her. After that, they burglarized her home looking for any valuable item and looking for drugs.

As it occurred, witnesses called the police, and these punks were caught. The initial culprit was charged, and he plead guilty to “first degree felony with a firearm”, and he was imprisoned for five (5) years. With this prison term, this was at least his 5th time in prison by the time he was 33 years old.

After he served his prison term, he returned to normal civilian life by leaving Texas and moving elsewhere for a clean slate. But we can speculate that Aracely Henriquez’s life never returned to normal, with her likely being haunted daily of the day that these goons threatened to kill her with a firearm. Where is the justice with that?

Turn the clock ahead to May 2020, and the thug once again was violating the law. But justice was finally served for Ms, Henriquez when this dude met his ultimate fate while resisting arrest in Minnesota. This hoodlums name was George Floyd.

Justice for Aracely Henriquez.
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