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MASSIVE EXPLOSION rocks gas storage facility near military & research site outside Tehran (VIDEOS)

A major explosion outside Tehran has triggered speculation of an attack against an army base or a research site, but the Iranian military says it was an incident at a gas storage facility.

The blast did not take place at a military site. Rather, between 11pm and midnight local time, a gas tank explodein the “public area” nearby, Defense Ministry spokesman Brigadier General Davoud Abdi told the media, adding that the blaze was quickly brought under control and there were no casualties.
For hours, details of the incident remained a mystery, fueling speculation and conspiracy theories, as Iranian TV reported only that the authorities were “investigating the bright light and loud sound” near Tehran. Rumors initially suggested the explosion took place at a power station in Sarkh Hasar, east of Tehran, and that similar explosions had taken place in Shiraz, in southern Iran, prompting further speculation of a cyber attack.
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