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Pollak: Black Lives Matter Has Become America’s Own ‘Cultural Revolution’

“Black Lives Matter” has become America’s version of China’s Cultural Revolution — a radical, youth-led purge of the vestiges of traditional culture and authority within a one-party state.

In this case, the one-party system is the “blue archipelago” of Democrat-run cities, most of which have not had Republican leaders for decades, and likely never will again.

But whereas China’s radicals helped Mao consolidate power, Black Lives Matter may destabilize the entire country.

The most striking similarity between the two movements is the ritual humiliation of individuals seen to represent “the system.” Mobs of demonstrators have marched up to police and demanded that they kneel with them, or to them. Some officers, in a bid to defuse tensions, have obliged.

But the protests are not satisfied with gestures of solidarity. They crave the humiliation of authority — such as the sight of a Massachusetts police chief lying face-down on the ground on Saturday.
One particularly disturbing spectacle was the effort by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to appease a large group of protesters on Saturday. When the mayor declined to commit to abolishing the police department, he was chased away.

The sight of the democratically-elected leader of a major American city being forced to flee an angry crowd was a warning that Black Lives Matter has moved far beyond its original grievance, and is demanding total obedience.

These events recall the public humiliations of the Cultural Revolution, when intellectuals, dissidents, and Communist Party officials who had fallen out of favor were paraded before jeering crowds and made to wear signs confessing their supposed crimes before being banished from society.
Today, we are watching similarly cultish scenes of white citizens singling themselves out by race and confessing their sins of “privilege,” taking oaths of allegiance, on their knees, to the new movement.
This confessional pantomime was taken to its theological conclusion on Saturday, when white police joined local clergy in washing the feet of black pastors, “echoing the Biblical story of how Jesus washed his disciples feet to express humility and love,” the Daily Mail explained.

The new “woke” culture demands prostration and self-effacement. When Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian resigned his board seat, he asked that he be replaced by a black person. It was a request that, if followed, would violate employment law and the Constitution itself. Yet he was praised by the movement.

In contrast, National Football League quarterback Drew Brees was made to apologize for defending the American flag — and to beg for his career by attacking the president.

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