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Racism (noun) rā-ˌsi-zəm

Written by John (the other John).

Historical definition

1. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Synonyms: hateful, bigotry, Islamophobia, Nazi, xenophobia, discrimination
Antonyms: anti-discrimination.

Sentence example: The Democratic Party of the 19 th century having had enacted legislation to harm people based merely on their skin colour was an act of racism.

Modern day defintion

2. a justification to one’s own shortcomings and/or failures for all people except those of European descent. 3. a method to end political debate when one has nothing of substance to refute his/her adversaries position.
4. a method to push one’s own political agenda and/or extort money from people of European descent by threatening them as being “racist”.
5. trigger word by Leftists when about to be exposed as a fraud so to expeditiously end the discussion.

Synonyms: justice; equality; fairness; patriotism; realism; inconvenient truths; Christian values; hardwork.
Antonyms: racist (historical definition).

Sentence example: $hit, he will expose us as frauds, let’s shut him down permanently by making a bogus accusation of racism.
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