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Re-Educating Whitey: What do the race-mongers really want?

 Recently I called out a female “person of color” on Twitter for the blatant anti-white racism she was proudly exhibiting in her tweets. A white female ally of hers chimed in, chastising me for not knowing that “people of color can’t be racist.” I needed to educate myself about racism, she insisted. 

This is a common refrain in these times of even more racial unrest and sensitivity than usual: that white Americans need to educate themselves about the racism that Barack Obama declared is inherent in their DNA. They need to educate themselves about their white privilege, their white rage, and their white fragility which makes them touchy about being called racists. Like counter-revolutionaries who need “re-education,” they need to understand, accept, and publicly acknowledge their deep complicity in an evil system.

 According to the left, in our white supremacist nation only whites can be racist because they control the culture’s power structures and therefore only they can impose “systemic racism.” Non-whites, conversely, are helpless victims of the system and therefore cannot be racist. This false oppressor/oppressed dynamic has been promoted so long and so effectively that open bigotry toward whites has reached peak cultural and political acceptability now, whereas any perceived racial “insensitivity” toward non-whites, such as the myth of cultural appropriation, incurs the unforgiving wrath of the internet mob (and of actual mobs).

 Black Lives Matter icon and Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick, for example, who sparked the whole trend of protesting during national anthems at sporting events, can encourage rioting and looting without fear of losing his multimillion-dollar endorsements. Indeed, it only enhances his cultural cachet. But let white quarterback Drew Brees state publicly and innocuously that he refuses to disrespect the Stars and Stripes by taking a knee, and he and his wife are forced – shades of the Chinese Cultural Revolution – to debase themselves in apology for their incorrect thinking.

To help white oppressors educate themselves about their racism, the media lately has been helpfully providing lists of recommending reading with which to deprogram themselves. As of this writing, for example, the audiobook giant Audible, a division of Amazon, has a banner at the top of its website with a link to “An Anti-Racism Reading List.” Below that are three links to articles about the black experience and black literature, including a reading list of audiobooks on race for children, titled “Listens for Raising an Anti-Racist” – because it’s never too early to start inculcating the blank slates of young American minds that they are either suffering from, or inflicting, racial oppression, depending on their skin color.

Amazon itself has a web page of “Anti-Racism Books to Read Right Now,” written by an Amazon editor who appears, in the accompanying photo, to be a young white woman. (Wouldn’t that mean she is “whitesplaining” racism? Doesn’t Amazon have a black editor?)

The New York Times predictably offered up recent anti-racism reading lists too: one for kids from earlier this month which insists that “the conversation about race needs to start early and keep happening,” [emphasis added] and one for adults from last year, “to help America transcend its racist heritage.” In fact, America’s heritage is “freedom,” not racism, but that truth doesn’t help further the prevailing multiculturalist Narrative that Western history is one long saga of racial exploitation.

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