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Stuttgart: Rioters attack police officers

STUTTGART. In street battles with the police, dozens of violent small groups severely damaged downtown Stuttgart on Sunday night and injured several police officers. "The situation is completely out of control," said a police spokesman early Sunday. In the meantime, this has been calmed down.

For this purpose, forces from the entire federal state had been sent to the state capital. The police are now getting an overview, said a spokesman. "We are now trying to find out what happened and what it could become." During a drug-related crime check, many of the partisans would have shown solidarity against the police officers.

Around 500 people rioted, 19 police officers were injured and 24 people were temporarily arrested. According to the city's police vice president, Thomas Berger, the perpetrators came from a “colorful mix” of many countries. 12 of them had German citizenship, three of them also had an immigration background. According to the police, 40 shops were damaged in the riots. Nine shops were ransacked. Emergency services were also attacked by the rioters. A total of 280 officers were deployed.

Wendt warns of further escalation"It was really rampaged," said a police spokesman the morning after. Video recordings on Twitter show people kicking shop windows or tearing paving stones out of the ground.

Above: "Stuttgart last night. Years of downplaying left-wing extremism and uncontrolled immigration and lack of integration are bearing fruit. The press tends to be reluctant to describe the perpetrator."

The federal chairman of the police union (DpolG) said: "Obviously, different groups from different milieus felt encouraged in Stuttgart to demonstrate their willingness to use violence with brutal violence and high criminal energy." in large metropolises, but then quickly show up in small towns. ”This shows the emergence of a new left-wing terrorism, which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns of.

Wendt continued to complain that senior politicians were complicit. "No one should be surprised if groups ready to use violence are encouraged to let off steam in this way, when German politicians spend weeks engaging in ghost discussions about alleged structural racism in the police or police violence." Even when the SPD party leader Saskia Esken suggests that enemies of our constitutional state are in the police, weakening the state and strengthening its opponents, she had relativized her statements after strong criticism.

Above: "this is why you are ashamed to have a migration background .. they all pull Stuttgart in the dirt"

There have been disputes for weeks
Many shops but also vehicles were damaged or even destroyed. In addition, the rioters have looted. According to police, the riots started around midnight. For security, the police remain present in the city center with a large contingent, said a police spokesman.

Over the past few weeks there had been major clashes between mostly young people and the police over the weekend . The crowd then grew to several hundred people, according to the police. Among other things, the security forces were insulted as racists. The crowd had repeatedly made the accusation that these were "conditions like those in the USA", the Stuttgart news quoted a police spokesman.

A few days ago, the Stuttgart police had spoken after incidents on the verge of a demonstration of border crossings. "Parts of the left scene cross straight lines here, which we have never seen before in Stuttgart," said a police spokesman at the time.

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