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Argentina: The Central Bank seeks to promote the debate on diversity and gender

After the commemoration of International Pride Day, the management of the Promotion of Gender Policies, Protection of Respect and Labor Coexistence of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), in charge of Celeste Perosino, held a virtual conference with the aim of debating and reflecting on the diversity and gender issues in the financial system. The president of the BCRA, Miguel Pesce, participated in the event.

In his words of welcome to the more than one hundred people who work at the BCRA and participated in the meeting, Pesce highlighted the importance of the debate on gender issues and assured that "we must work understanding, rationalizing and improving our actions and language". And he asked: "Let's use our freedom to build a better, fairer world that does not reproduce inequities and injustices." Pesce was accompanied by members of the Board of Directors such as Claudia Berger, Betina Stein, Zenón Biagosch and Arnaldo Bocco, among other authorities.

Perosino, meanwhile, explained that the initiative was an invitation to think about equality and parity not only between men and women, in a binary way, but also that it be comprehensive of all gender identities.

The event was framed among the various actions that the BCRA has been carrying out, formalized with the creation of the Management for the Promotion of Gender Policies, Protection of Respect and Coexistence at Work.

Source: El Cronista
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