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BREAKING: Trudeau won't say how much his family has been paid by WE

Justin Trudeau testified in the House of Commons' finance committee that he didn't know how much his family has been paid by the WE organization.

Furthermore, the prime minister wouldn't disclose how much his wife was paid for travel to London. The shadow finance minister Pierre Poilievre questioned how Trudeau didn't know this after days of preparation.

Poilievre then asked how the prime minister did not recognize that this could be a conflict of interest. Trudeau did not answer.

Trudeau is testifying to the finance committee on Thursday after his government became embroiled in the WE Charity scandal.

Many of Trudeau's cabinet ministers, senior staff, and family were revealed to have connections to WE after the government attempted to award the charity over $900 million.

Trudeau did say that he regretted not recusing himself from the decision.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is also under investigation by the ethic commissioner for failing to recuse himself from the cabinet decision to award WE this contract.

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