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China Demands W.H.O. Probe Coronavirus ‘Origins’ in United States

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday abruptly switched from welcoming the impending visit of World Health Organization (W.H.O.) investigators to demanding they send a team to the United States to investigate the “origin” of the Wuhan coronavirus there. 

On the same day, the communist regime’s Center for Disease Control repeated its allegations that the recent coronavirus outbreak in Beijing was caused by a tough new mutant strain imported from Europe.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s outburst came after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday predicted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would prevent W.H.O. investigators from digging up any embarrassing information about the coronavirus when they make their latest visit to China.

“I’ll repeat a theme I’ve been talking about for months: The CCP has an enormous credibility problem. They failed to tell the world the truth about this virus, and now hundreds of thousands of people all across the world are dead,” Pompeo said on Wednesday.

“And they now say they’re going to allow the W.H.O. to come in.  That’s great, but the W.H.O. needs to be free to do its real work.  We need to make sure the right people are there to engage in this investigation, and we need real answers, not a perfunctory political solution,” he said.

“This is about science, not politics, and the Chinese Communist Party needs to come clean with the world about this virus,” Pompeo said, going on to note that W.H.O. recently revised its official timeline of the pandemic to make it clear China did not provide the timely warning of the outbreak required under W.H.O. regulations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian shot back on Friday that Pompeo’s remarks were “hypocritical” and insisted China is more “aware of its responsibility as a major power” than the United States, which has announced its withdrawal from W.H.O. President Donald Trump had previously warned the U.S. would leave the organization unless it implemented reforms to reduce Chinese Communist influence and give a full accounting of W.H.O’s many missteps during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now that the US has announced its withdrawal from the W.H.O., what right do they have to dictate China’s cooperation with the W.H.O.?” Zhao asked.
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