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Germany: Mayor of Rheinsberg says integration failed after mass brawl

RHEINSBERG. After a mass brawl in Rheinsberg in Brandenburg, the city's mayor, Frank Schwochow (free voters), declared the district's integration policy to have failed. In the north of Brandenburg, Chechens repeatedly attracted attention through clan structures and crime. "Revenge actions and vigilante justice are not common in Germany and can't be," warned Schwochow in a post on Facebook. The conflicts with the Chechens have been smoldering in the region for some time.

On Thursday evening last week, a group of Germans and Poles had a violent fight with several Chechens. According to a report by Tagesspiegel, the reason was an attack on a boat rental employee in Rheinsberg by a Chechen. According to the police, seven people were injured and several cars were damaged. Eight individuals (five Germans and three Poles) have been provisionally arrested.

The following day, numerous Chechens gathered in Rheinsberg. According to the police, there were around a hundred people. The mood was extremely heated and aggressive. The officials issued 51 expulsions against Chechens, who according to a report by the Märkische Allgemeine ( MAZ ) did not come from Rheinsberg alone but from several circles. A police officer was slightly injured and two Syrians aged 21 and 32 were arrested.

On Saturday there was a conversation with the police in Neuruppin between the two parties to the dispute. There was also a mediator between the Chechens from Berlin. "We accepted this offer because cooperation talks are most likely to be effective," Neuruppins police spokeswoman Ariane Feierbach told the MAZ . After that, the situation calmed down. Nevertheless, the police were deployed to the city on Saturday with a large contingent.

"They're not men, they're goats"
According to Tagesspiegel, one of the Chechens involved wrote on his Instagram account: “We are happy that we all stick together. The others will not leave it alone. But neither do we. We now know where they are. ”He also added the following in Chechen: “They're not men, they're goats.”

The boat rental company, on the other hand, whose employee is said to have been attacked, regretted on Facebook that the mood on both sides was heated and that the conflict had come about. "We just want to inform you that all ambiguities have been cleared up with the Chechen citizens." All inconveniences could be cleared. "We are happy that everything is now clear and we want a peaceful coexistence here."

Meanwhile, Rheinsberg's mayor Schwochow accused the district administrator Ralf Reinhardt (SPD) on Sunday of abandoning the city in the conflict and its consequences. He did not respond to calls or emails. "There was a fire here in Rheinsberg and I was left alone as mayor," complained Schwochow.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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