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Great Britain and the statistics: Is the number of corona deaths wrong at all?

According to official statistics, the number of corona deaths in Great Britain is more than 45,000 - are the statistics exaggerating?

According to the British government, the method of calculating the number of deaths should be checked first. The background is a study by the University of Oxford, according to which there could be errors in the official statistics.

According to the authors, the UK health authorities are currently only comparing the list of proven corona infections and the central death registry. The respective cause of death is not checked. It is therefore possible that a patient who has already recovered and who dies some time later in a traffic accident, for example, is listed as a corona death in the statistics.

Britain is among the countries most affected by the corona pandemic, according to statistics. More than 45,000 corona deaths have been counted since the pandemic began, more than in any other country in Europe.

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