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New quarantine rule for holidaymakers returning from Spain is expected to be introduced TONIGHT! Holiday chaos as UK tourists will have to isolate for two weeks due to fresh Covid outbreak

  • UK tourists in Spain set for two week quarantine as country hit by virus outbreak
  • Holidaymakers face a race against time to avoid quarantine by leaving Spain tonight 
  • Nightclubs have been closed in Catalonia for two weeks amid fears of spike 
  • France's prime minister has 'strongly encouraged' people to avoid Catalonia  
  • Spain's tourism industry, accounting 12 per cent of economy, faces uncertainty

UK holidaymakers in Spain were tonight hit with a nightmare of two-weeks in quarantine after the British government imposed a snap decision to axe it from the safe travel list.

Tourists faced an agonising decision over whether to try to get back before the expected midnight deadline, while those who have booked to go away in the future were forced to consider whether to cancel.

The decision - sparked by a surge of cases in the country -  will affect thousands who had gone on holiday to the Mediterranean hotspot after being told it would be safe.

But there had been no lead up to the bombshell, with the news being revealed by the Press Association and Sunday Times before an official announcement.

The dramatic change in rules leaves the airbridge scheme - designed to stop quarantines between selected countries - in tatters.

And the drive to promote confidence in the struggling travel industry will also be badly hit by the developments.

Which? travel editor Rory Boland spoke for many when he questioned why the change had not been carried out earlier.

He said: 'Why on earth was this decision not taken 48hrs ago, when it was clear there was a problem with Spain, and before tens of thousands of UK holidaymakers flew out on Friday as the summer hols started?'

UK holidaymakers in Spain are facing a two-week quarantine after the country was hit by a new outbreak of coronavirus

Tourists in Spain are facing a race against time to fly back home to avoid the mandatory two-week quarantine that will come into effect at midnight tonight

 The new quarantine being imposed on inbound tourists from Spain will also impact on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's drive to get Britons to 'go back into work if they can'

MailOnline has approached the Foreign Office and Department for Transport.
The new quarantine being imposed on inbound tourists from Spain will impact on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's drive to get Britons to 'go back into work if they can'.

In a shift from the government's 'work from home if you can' edict, the Prime Minister suggested people should return to the office if it is 'safe'.

However, with many people returning from Spain set to be stuck indoors because of the two-week quarantine, it will be impossible for many people currently holidaying in Spain to follow the new guidelines.

There are also fears that France could be the next country hit by a second wave of the virus.

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